Sunday, March 17, 2019

week 26

Today we ended our week by welcoming Maine author Lynn Plourde to our school. She was fantastic to listen to and taught us a lot. We enjoyed an assembly of hers in the morning and then attended a breakout session of hers in the afternoon. What an awesome day!
I am so proud of your children! EVERY single one of them is doing an amazing job with their research of their famous person. We have been note taking on sticky notes and organizing those notes into categories: personal info, famous achievements, interesting facts, important events and family life. They are doing an incredible job! I can’t wait for you to see the final product Wednesday night at Open House. They will be presenting to their class (and other classrooms on Wednesday at school as well). Please be sure to bring famous person costumes Wednesday to school!
We finished our Southeast states this week and will have a quiz over them next Friday. As before, your child will need to know the states and capitals. They will also be asked to locate the states on a map.
You will notice a testing schedule to the left. This is the Maine state summative testing that all Maine 3rd - 8th graders participate in. For more info see the email I’ll be sending home.
I would love to setup a schedule of healthy snacks for testing days. Something for your kiddos to look forward to on that string of testing days. I will send out a signup genius or send home a paper signup next week for you to help contribute.
We are in need of clorox wipes if you have any :)
I hope that this warmer spring weather is here to stay and that you and your families have a wonderful weekend!
~Mrs. Haulk

Week 25

It was a quick “week” here in third grade. With a snow day Monday and Inservice Friday, we tried to get as much done as we could!
Thursday we said goodbye to a very special person. Miss Pouliot will be heading to her second placement. She was a fantastic student teacher and worked wonderfully with your children here in third grade! Thank you to all who contributed to her party!
Your child has chosen their famous person and we will start our research next week. Our goal is to complete this process within the week, then finalize our writing for Open House on Wednesday, March 20th. Please be thinking about how to help your child dress like their famous person. They will need to have this outfit/costume here at school on Wednesday March 20th as other classes will be coming to visit our Museum!
Lynn Plourde, a Maine author, is coming to visit our school on Friday, March 15th. Please see the order form that came home and order any books you’d like to have her sign for your family. This order form is due back on Monday, March 11th.
This week in math we wrapped up our first exploration of fractions. We learned all about parts and wholes. Children learned how to correctly name and write fractions. Next week we will be continuing this and learning how to put them on a numberline.
Our next states/capitals test will be coming up soon. Your children should be studying the Southeast region states and capitals. They have made flashcards and those have started to come home each day!
I hope all of you and your families have a fantastic weekend!
~ Mrs. Haulk

Week 24

Week 24 is done - can you believe it? I have to admit, I’m a little in shock. This year is flying so fast! March already….
We are approaching the end of the trimester 2. With that said, we have an Open House set for March 20th. I will get back to you with an exact time as soon as it is finalized. Report cards will go home this night as well.
Third graders started their fraction unit this week with Miss Pouliot. They have explored parts/whole, done a scavenger hunt around the room and made their own stash of fraction strip manipulatives to have to use when they need to visualize certain fractions. We will continue on with this unit the next couple weeks as we explore how to represent fractions on a number line and compare fractions/determine equivalent fractions.
In writing this week we focused on revising our current drafts and making our writing have less “pot holes” or bumps in the road. Students are approaching the end of this unit and almost ready to start writing our final copies!
To wrap up trimester 2 we are going to have a project that will be really fun! Students will be choosing a famous person to write a biography on. This will tie in all the work we have been focusing on with nonfiction text features and nonfiction writing. Please see the attached page outlining what the at-home responsibilities will be.
Projects will be on display, along with your child dressed as their famous person, on the evening of open house! All other work will be done right here at school.
In Social Studies this week we traveled to Georgia and Alabama. In science we learned how to observe animals and construct an explanation of how living in groups helps these animals survive.
Do you have an hour to spare Tuesday evening? If so, please join our PTF group at our monthly meeting! 6:30 pm in the library :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Week 23

VACATION!! Yay :) I’m not sure about your kiddos, but my own children are welcoming this break! I feel like it's coming at just the perfect time!

This week was quite a busy, FUN one for sure. 100th day of school, Valentine’s Day, Winter Carnival and a snow day thrown into the middle of the week made for jumbled week in third grade!

Thank you to everyone who helped and was able to attend our Sweetheart Breakfast on Thursday morning! It was a great time together!

In writing we have been plugging away at our informational writing pieces and we are getting closer and closer to publishing them!

In math we have been working on finding patterns/rules with numbers. We’ve been working on the distributive property of multiplication still and then also 2-step word problems. We are very excited to be starting fractions after vacation!

There will be NO SPELLING WORDS given until after vacation.

We hope that you and your families have a fabulous February break.

~Mrs. Haulk & Ms. Pouliot